fdPOWER Core Features

Core to the fdPOWER system are the following features:

Easy to Use Windows Interface

fdPOWER maximises the use of the Windows™ Graphical User Interface (GUI) to create a friendly environment that is easy to navigate and learn. Productivity is increased with time saving features, such as having multiple windows open at the same time. Powerful Lookup and search facilities are also included.



Many of the User Interface features are fully customisable. For example Menus and Toolbars are completely User definable. Data entry “grid layouts” may be customised and saved for each user, allowing fine-tuning of the system.

Open Integration

fdPOWER stores information using Microsoft’s Jet Database. This is the same database “engine” behind MS Access and means you can use other third party tools to create your own customised reports.


A wide range of parameter selectable reports are included in the system. These include Arrangement Reports, Invoice Reports, EDI Status and List Reports.


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