Finance and Accounting Software Services

Full Circle provides full training and support services along with installation of our finance and accounting applications.

From the outset of a client relationship, we focus on gaining a thorough understanding of the client's business and objectives. With this "inside" knowledge, we can recommend the best applications for our clients' specific requirements. It also helps us to tailor ongoing support. Knowing how you work lets us work alongside you effectively.

Our services include consulting, project management, system integration, training, automation, workflow management and interface customisation.

"We always find the Full Circle team to be very approachable and genuinely committed to providing us with effective and timely support."

- Rick Ottaway, chief executive, Armed Forces Canteen Council

Support for finPOWER Connect software

Our clients in the finance and lending sector include both large users (35,000+ current accounts) and small users (less than 200 current accounts) who provide peer-to-peer lending, asset financiers, leasing facilities, personal loan lenders, pay-day lenders, insurance companies, specialist service providers and pawn brokers.

Our team has successfully migrated and implemented loan and deposit management systems in finance and lending organisations in Australasia and the South Pacific. Several of our team members have work experience in the finance industry, so you get the best of both worlds: we have product knowledge, plus we understand your sector.

Wherever you are on the continuum - from start-up to established business, we can provide you with a no-obligation overview of the finPOWER Connect application. We'll demonstrate how the modular functionality of the application, with Full Circle support, can help your business. Our advice includes:

If you're a start-up financial organisation, we'll advise you which software modules you need now, and what you can add at a later date when business requirements and cash flow justify it.

If you're an existing provider of financial services, we'll be able to outline how finPOWER Connect can provide you with the functionality you require to grow your business, and assist you to migrate your historical and current data to the application.

From installation, through migration of your existing data, to training and support for the ongoing use of the system, the Full Circle team will be with you all the way to make sure you and your team get the most out of the application.

emPOWER accounting software and support

The team at Full Circle has installed accounting applications in sites varying in size from one to 50-person business operations. With clients in the primary producing, importing, distribution, service and retail sectors, we're well placed to correctly configure and implement the emPOWER application for your small to medium business (SME), and train your team in its use.

Provide us with an overview of the challenges you currently face in your business, and we will review with you how the emPOWER application can meet your requirements. From accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, journals (both recurring and reversing), budgets to fixed asset management, the emPOWER system can provide the functionality needed by all businesses for prompt and accurate processing, as well as comprehensive financial reporting and compliance requirements.

We'll work with you to ensure the system is configured to meet your requirements, including:

Our experience ensures the emPOWER system is implemented on time, on budget and integrated with other applications. Our goal is to minimise disruption and enhance productivity within your business.

"Mike and Gloria and their team have shown that a constant focus on client service and delivering positive outcomes from every client contact is a winning formula."

- Intersoft Systems Ltd

fdPOWER software and support for funeral directors

Funeral directors in New Zealand rely on the fdPOWER system to collate and record the arrangements they enter into with their clients. The system is easy to use and can be customised to ensure all data entry and output comply with your business requirements.

The team at Full Circle can customise the data entry into the system to match your arrangement process and the needs of your clients, ensuring the system generates the client documentation you require, together with burial and cremation documentation that match the format of your local authority. Provide us with your current forms and we'll replicate them to provide full merging of the required data from the application at the click of a button.

Electronic data interfacing with the official Births, Deaths and Marriages system ensures fast and accurate recording of arrangements and prompt turnaround for delivery of death certificates to the family. A full history of an arrangement is always available, including scanned documents, after the completion of the arrangement. This provides the user with the ability to answer family questions into the future without having to refer back to historic files.

Lauranka time and attendance software and support

Lauranka time and attendance hardware and software is designed to provide an efficient, electronic alternative to the manual entry of payroll timesheets, and allows reports to be generated on time and attendance. Start and finish times are collected from the time clock and updated electronically to the time management module.

The team at Full Circle can assist you with the setup and configuration of the time clock, and provide training in extracting data and the provision of reports to identify missed punches and absenteeism (sick leave or annual leave). We'll also give you training in the electronic updating of time and attendance records to your payroll system. This will ensure there's no double-handling of data and that the entry of time records for each pay period is fast and easier for your wages staff.

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